22 Mar 2022

Board Toolkit

The Chapter Zero Board Toolkit is designed to help non-executive directors (NEDs) ensure their businesses have the strategic plans in place to respond to climate change.

The purpose of this Toolkit is to provide NEDs with evidence and support to address climate change as a strategic business issue on their boards, and to show how they can help their boards take timely, positive and decisive climate action through five clear steps.

It contains questions for NEDs to consider and pose to their boards, five clear steps to follow, checklists, tools and guides, and options for deeper reading.

The Board Toolkit

You can view the Toolkit in a browser, but for the best results we recommend using a PDF reader.

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About the Board Toolkit

The core of the Board Toolkit is based around five key steps that boards can take to ensure their businesses have a holistic, robust and deliverable plan for reducing their emissions, responding to the opportunities of the net zero transition, and to the need for adaptation.


The navigation bar running along the bottom of each page allows for easy movement between the steps, and to the appendices where more information is held to provided deeper reading as desired.

The Board Toolkit was created by Chapter Zero, The Berkeley Partnership and the Centre for Climate Engagement, Hughes Hall.

Originally published in 2019, the Toolkit is periodically updated to stay up to date in this rapidly moving climate context. This is version 3, released in July 2022.


Let us know what you think

The Toolkit has been designed for non-executive directors. Please tell us how we can continue to improve it by emailing climate@chapterzero.org.uk with ‘Board Toolkit feedback’ in the subject line.


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The Board Scorecard

It’s vital to have a clear understanding of where action is most needed to meet future ambitions. In step 2 of the Toolkit, you are encouraged to use the Chapter Zero Board Scorecard to establish areas which need additional focus.

To complete the Board Scorecard you need to answer a total of 20 questions. These are split across four different topic areas: leadership, ownership, strategy and measurement. The questions are designed to help you assess how effectively your board is tackling the net zero transition and building resilience to climate impacts.

Upon completion you will be emailed a PDF of your results that you can take to the boardroom to facilitate discussion.



Try the Board Scorecard

Try the Board Scorecard

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