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Take the Directors' Climate Journey through the Knowledge Hub

Since Chapter Zero started, we have seen members at different stages of climate knowledge and confidence look for information. We've seen that there are six common topics which people typically explore as businesses engage with what climate change means for them, and integrate climate action with strategy.

We have organised these topics in the Knowledge Hub to form a Directors' Climate Journey. Follow the Directors' Climate Journey through each of these topics to navigate the complex climate landscape.

Please note that the Knowledge Hub is currently in beta and we welcome your feedback as we continue to build it.

The Business Case

Climate transition

Get up to speed with:

  • the science of climate change
  • and the concept of net zero.

The board role in climate action

This topic helps you to understand:

  • the critical role of boards in driving climate action
  • the business case for addressing climate risks and opportunities for economic growth through innovation
  • and the vital responsibility of NEDs and boards in steering the transition through governance with robust oversight and effective reporting.  

Climate policy and regulation

This topic is designed to help you:

  • navigate the ever-changing climate policy and regulatory landscape
  • understand the current situation of UK regulations, the influence of EU and global policies, and the implications for business
  • and gain insight into international climate agreements that shape the business environment.

Review Ambition

Embedding climate risk into decision-making

This topic looks at how to:

  • explore strategies for assessing a company’s exposure to climate risk
  • integrate these risks into strategic planning and decision making 
  • and use scenario planning, foresight and innovative business models to address climate challenges and uncover opportunities for growth.

Credible net zero targets

This topic helps you:

  • discover what a business must do to set a credible net zero commitment and deliver on it with a robust net zero strategy
  • and gain insight into offsetting and how it can credibly be used to complement a net zero strategy.

Drive Board Action

Good governance

This topic covers:

  • the essential aspects of good governance in driving climate action
  • the board’s role and responsibility in navigating climate challenges
  • the importance of board composition and evaluation
  • and how climate-aligned remuneration can help meet climate goals and prompt meaningful change within an organization.  

Embedding climate strategy

This topic considers:

  • the importance of embedding climate within the organization
  • the latest science-aligned strategies, targets and actions, along with best practices for managing Scope 3 emissions and supply chain considerations
  • and carbon markets and beyond value chain solutions, including natural climate solutions, to drive climate action globally and build business resilience.

Stakeholder engagement

This topic will help you to:

  • learn the art of effective stakeholder engagement with purposeful engagement plans, building internal support and fostering leadership for climate action
  • and discover the benefits of collaborating with industry peers, NGOs and other key actors to drive collective impact.

Innovation and technology

This topic will help you review:

  • how existing solutions and low-hanging fruit can drive immediate impact 
  • and the emerging solutions that can revolutionize how companies approach climate action.

Investment and finance

This topic considers how to:

  • unlock the climate transition by aligning a company’s investments with climate action
  • understand the interaction with financial institutions
  • and discover opportunities to access funding and support to transition to net zero.

Implement the Transition

Transition planning foundations

This topic looks at:

  • how to build the foundations for effective transition planning and understand the importance of a comprehensive transition plan
  • and the key frameworks and resources designed to help boards develop and scrutinize transition plans.

Implementation strategy

This topic considers:

  • the NED's role in developing robust climate transition plans 
  • and the key guidance available to assess the business impacts and opportunities of effective transition plans.

Ensure Accountability

Operational oversight

This topic will help you:

  • gain insights into operational oversight for successful climate action
  • assess executive capability and structure to lead an effective transition to net zero
  • and understand how to navigate organizational change while seamlessly integrating climate strategies.

Monitoring and reporting

This topic considers how to:

  • effectively monitor and report climate-related disclosures
  • understand the importance of data transparency and accurate reporting, along with scope 3 emissions and supply chain considerations
  • and keep up with the ever-evolving landscape of climate reporting.

Culture and purpose

This topic will support you to:

  • foster a purpose-driven culture within organizations and explore the just transition
  • and engage the workforce, equipping employees with the skills and competencies needed to navigate the climate transition.

Accelerate Business Transformation

The current state of the system

This topic helps you:

  • understand the imperative for systems change
  • identify the key drivers and actors that can have influence
  • and explore the levers available to NEDs to facilitate transformative shifts in systems.

Radical collaboration

This topic will help you to:

  • explore the power of radical collaboration to accelerate climate action
  • and uncover the effective tools and techniques to foster collaboration among stakeholders to drive transformative systems change toward net zero.

Taking the lead

This topic will help you:

  • learn the principles of effective climate leadership and discover strategies to drive change within organizations and across industries
  • and make a lasting impact on the business transition to net zero.

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