30 Aug 2023

Climate action and remuneration: A pocket guide for remuneration committees

Executive remuneration is a pivotal tool for driving climate action. Our latest guide for non-executives, "Climate action and remuneration: A pocket guide for remuneration committees", delves into the critical intersection of executive pay structures and climate goals, providing actionable insights for chairs and members of remuneration committees.

Why it matters:

The guide navigates the complex landscape of climate-aligned remuneration, offering a roadmap for companies seeking to make meaningful contributions to the climate transition.

Key highlights

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Curious to explore how executive compensation can be a catalyst for climate action? Download the full report now to uncover industry best practices, valuable principles, and actionable steps to navigate the evolving landscape of climate-aligned remuneration.

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With thanks to the following for their contributions:

Tina Mavraki, Chapter Zero Fellow

Devyani Vaishampayan, RemCo Chair and NED at Saietta Group plc

Hannah Summers, Director, Climate & Resilience Hub, WTW

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