18th September 2024 @ 16:00 - 19:00

Hyper-scaling climate technologies: From ideas to shareholder value

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Many climate technologies needed to achieve deep decarbonization already exist. But their maturity levels are uneven: only 10% are commercially competitive while a further 45% are commercially available but will require further cost reductions through innovation and scale-up to become competitive. The remainder hold great promise but are in earlier stages. Can these new sustainability technologies enable the 1.5 degrees path to net zero while creating massive shareholder value?

In the first session in our new series with McKinsey & Company, we will describe the strategic fundamentals of hyper-scaling climate technologies and inspire Board members with a ‘how-to’ guide for steering their enterprises in the age of out-competition.

The event will start with a presentation from McKinsey experts and a panel discussion, followed by Q&A and networking drinks.

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Getting to net zero will require large-scale technology deployment across industries, creating massive opportunities to build entirely new businesses and open new markets. Businesses that innovate quickly and out-compete to establish a cost advantage will succeed in winning investors and consumers and creating strategic value.

Chapter Zero and McKinsey will run a series of face-to-face events in 2024/25 that convene non-executive directors. The objective remains to bring the best thinking to boardrooms on achieving net zero—and effecting real change.

The central idea in 2024 is out-competing to win. How should institutions across the UK (and beyond) become ambitious hyper-scalers? How can Boards help in balancing outrageous ambition with speed and execution? Where do Boards need to act to help their enterprises out-compete in the age of digital and AI/Gen AI? What impetus will the global context offer after COP29?

These events aim to equip non-executive directors with critical insights to effectively navigate and influence the future of business in an era of technological disruption and significant environmental policy shifts.

The second session will take place on Tuesday 3 December 2024. Registration will open soon.

Speakers include

Harry Bowcott

Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

Harry is a Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company, leading McKinsey Sustainability in the UK and Ireland, and co-leading their work in hyper-scaling green businesses. Harry is also a frequent speaker on the journey to net zero and advanced analytics in transportation and logistics.

Jayanti Kar

Partner, McKinsey & Company

Jayanti is a partner in McKinsey & Company's London office. She works with energy companies to deliver high-impact and sustainable performance transitions across the globe. Jayanti is also interested in strategic thinking, and has authored several articles on executive strategy setting and the nature and nuance of competitive dynamics.


Susan Hooper

Board Member, Chapter Zero

Susan is an experienced senior board member, specialising in driving value through customer insight and data, ESG and company culture. She is Chair of Tangle Teezer, and Carbon Gap and sits on the Boards of Moonpig plc (Chair of the Remuneration Committee and ESG lead), EUROWAG plc (ESG lead), and Uber UK. Susan is also involved in several start-ups in carbon capture and sustainability and is also an Ambassador for the World Travel & Tourism Council.

18th September 2024 @ 16:00 - 19:00

Hyper-scaling climate technologies: From ideas to shareholder value

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