Rosemary Boot

Co-Founder and member of the Chapter Zero Board, Rosemary Boot is a non-executive director of Impact Healthcare REIT plc, Urban&Civic plc and Triple Point Energy Transition plc. She is also a Trustee of Green Alliance, the environmental think tank.

In her executive career Rosemary held a number of board roles in strategy and finance, including as group finance director of the Carbon Trust. Prior to that she worked for 16 years in the city as an investment banker, primarily advising large listed UK companies.

Rosemary has been actively involved in raising business awareness and response to the challenges and opportunities of climate change since 2001.

“I am proud to have been involved in setting up Chapter Zero and that we have developed such a valuable network for NEDs – providing events and support from excellent partners to ensure that Boards are well positioned to take action on the challenges and opportunities of climate change for their businesses.”

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Board member
A founding member of Chapter Zero
Background in finance