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Blog | 13 Jul 2023

Executive pay and climate change

The key question explored in this Institute of Directors blog is: are we asking the right questions on executive remuneration?

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Blog | 12 Jun 2023

How the GC Empowers the Board to Govern the Green Wave

This discussion looks at the GC’s position to empower the board to integrate climate into its strategic decisions, financial and business model planning, operational execution and risk considerations in order to effectively govern against greenwashing.

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Blog | 6 Mar 2023

Best practices in climate transition governance

In this Institute of Directors blog, Tina Mavraki, climate and ESG governance advisor, looks at best practices in climate transition governance.

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Blog | 1 Feb 2023

Evaluating Climate Change: Fidelio Overture

This Overture from Fidelio explores the expectations of the board when evaluating climate change.

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Blog | 16 Jun 2022

Next-Generation Sustainable Board Directors

Russell Reynolds looks at a new breed of sustainable board directors bringing valuable track records of commercial success combined with a sustainable mindset.

Blog | 16 May 2022

Embracing collaboration between the sustainability and remuneration committees

As ESG and climate-related metrics become increasingly entwined in executives’ pay incentives, Calum Davies, former Member Manager at Chapter Zero, shares insights from chairs of sustainability committees on the importance of better engagement and alignment with the remuneration committee.

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Blog | 25 Apr 2022

How company boards can be a vanguard for climate action

In this World Economic Forum blog, Sharon Thorne Chair Emeritus, Deloitte looks at how company boards can cut through the clutter and provide strategic direction on climate change.

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Blog | 23 Sep 2021

How boards can lead in the fight against climate change

This World Economic Forum blog explores how boards can lead in the fight against climate change.