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Collaboration with Freshfields
Explainer | 19 Sep 2023

Legal considerations for transition planning: Legacy business and risks

Chapter Zero partnered with Freshfields and the Centre for Climate Engagement in 2023 to explore key climate-related legal questions with non-executive directors from across the UK, especially in the context of transition planning. Below is a summary of the first session, which focused on legacy business and risks.

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Explainer | 3 Aug 2023

Primer on climate change

The Climate Governance Initiative has published the third edition of the Primer on Climate Change: Directors’ Duties and Disclosure Obligations. Produced with the Commonwealth Climate and Law Initiative and covering 31 countries and the EU, it outlines the general climate obligations for board directors.

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Explainer | 1 Jan 2023

A legal duty to act

The Climate Change Committee explains a legal duty to act on climate change and The Climate Change Act 2008.

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Explainer | 1 Dec 2021

TCFD reporting requirements and assurance considerations: A guide for Audit Committees

Deloitte look at the questions audit committees should ask when following TCFD reporting requirements.

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Explainer | 30 Jun 2019

Principles for effective climate governance

The Climate Governance Initiative summarises the key features of the World Economic Forum and PwC report How to Set Up Effective Climate Governance on Corporate Boards.