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Report | 1 Jul 2024

Global Trends in Climate Litigation

This influential report presents an overview of climate litigation, highlighting recent developments and future trends. The report is widely read and cited by civil society organisations, policymakers, the legal community, judges, financiers, scholars and media all around the world.

Collaboration with Freshfields
Report | 26 Jun 2024

Navigating the landscape of climate law and regulation: A briefing for boards

This report, by Chapter Zero, the Centre for Climate Engagement, and Freshfields, highlights not only what non-executive directors need to know about climate law and regulation from a governance perspective, but importantly how to use this knowledge to become pioneers in the net zero transition.

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Report | 29 Sep 2023

Systems change for a sustainable future

As leaders shift from ambition to action, understanding and accelerating systems transformation will be crucial. Explore this framework from Deloitte and RMI that can help organisations design a corporate climate strategy to drive change and create new value in the climate-aligned economy.

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Report | 28 Sep 2023

First technical report of the UN Global Stocktake

The technical report of the first global stocktake finds that implementation must accelerate to increase ambition across all fronts, taking an all-of-society approach to make progress towards the Paris Agreement goals and respond to the climate crisis.

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Report | 27 Sep 2023

Analysis of 2022 UK Company Annual Reports

A UKEB analysis of 2022 UK Company Annual Reports: A Study in Connectivity.

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Report | 12 Sep 2023

Roadmaps to nature positive

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) with 60 leading companies and partners are developing business guidance for actions to align strategies with the shared goal of a nature-positive planet by 2030.

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Report | 1 Sep 2023

Banks and the net zero transition

Tracking progress with the TPI Net Zero Banking Assessment Framework September 2023 report

Report | 30 Aug 2023

Climate action and remuneration: A pocket guide for remuneration committees

Executive remuneration is a pivotal tool for driving climate action. Our latest guide for non-executives, "Climate action and remuneration: A pocket guide for remuneration committees", delves into the critical intersection of executive pay structures and climate goals, providing actionable insights for chairs and members of remuneration committees.

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Report | 4 Aug 2023

Achieving a circular economy: using data-sharing tools, like the Digital Product Passport

The world’s material circularity currently stands at 7.2% - having decreased from the 8.6% material circularity recorded for 2020 and the 9.1% for 2018. This WBCSD research provides a practical example of the data flows that may exist and be utilized to enable a circular economy across four sectors.

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Report | 1 Aug 2023

Science Based Targets Initiative: Monitoring Report 2022

The SBTi's 2022 report, examining progress in science-based targets globally, finds continued growth in the number of companies and financial institutions setting science-based targets, despite an increasingly challenging global backdrop.

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Report | 1 Aug 2023

5 shifts needed to decarbonise industry

Systems Change Lab looks at five shifts needed to decarbonise industry.

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Report | 3 Jul 2023

The Chairperson’s guide to climate integrity

This guide, produced by the World Economic Forum and the Climate Governance in collaboration with Deloitte, explores how organisations, guided by their Chairs, non-executive directors and board members, can earn and enhance trust through the sustainability transition.