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Transition planning foundations
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Report | 1 Jul 2023

Building momentum for transition plans

There is growing international momentum around private sector transition plans and their vital role in supporting the global shift to net zero across the financial sector and the real economy. This is a status update from the Transition Plan Taskforce.

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Report | 16 Feb 2023

Companies are recognizing the need for climate transition plans but are not moving fast enough

New CDP data shows companies are recognizing the need for climate transition plans but are not moving fast enough amidst incoming mandatory disclosure.

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Report | 1 Feb 2023

Are companies developing credible climate transition plans?

This CDP report provides an overview of the current state of climate transition plan information disclosed through CDP's 2022 climate change questionnaire. The data analysed in this report spans over 18,600 organizations in 13 industries and across 135 countries.

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Report | 14 Dec 2022

Climate transition plan votes: Investor update

In February 2022, the PRI issued its first briefing for investors considering climate transition plan votes. This briefing identifies risks and unintended consequences of using votes on climate transition plans as a stewardship mechanism.

Report | 29 Oct 2022

Climate Transition Action Plans from a leading NGO coalition

Get up to speed with this definition of a comprehensive transition plan developed by leading climate organisations.

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Report | 1 Sep 2022

BSR Climate Scenarios

BSR’s climate scenario narratives are based on a range of temperature pathways and cross-disciplinary research to capture physical and transition risks. Based on decade-by-decade analysis, scenario planning can inform today’s climate risk disclosures, build resilient business strategies, and present key opportunities for bold action.

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Report | 12 Jul 2022

Demystifying climate transition scenarios

This report is a collaboration between PwC UK and WBCSD to help companies, financial institutions and policy makers understand some of the assumptions and methodologies that feed into climate transition scenarios and models.

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Report | 31 Aug 2020

Climate scenarios and consumer business

This report from Deloitte and the Met Office explores the futures of four different climate change scenarios and the science they are founded on. It illustrates how scenario analysis can aid effective decision-making in consumer businesses.