The Business Case
Review Ambition
Drive Board Action
Implement the Transition
Ensure Accountability
Accelerate Business Transformation
Good governance
Embedding climate strategy
Stakeholder engagement
Innovation and technology
Investment and finance
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Report | 20 Oct 2022

Resilient supply chains

This Climate Change Committee briefing summarises the evidence on climate-related risks to UK supply chains and the adaptation actions which can build resilience and maintain functioning supply chains.

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Report | 13 Oct 2022

Climate Action 100+ Net Zero Company Benchmark progress

Climate Action 100+ Net Zero Company Benchmark shows continued progress on net zero commitments is not matched by development and implementation of credible decarbonisation strategies.

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Report | 1 Jul 2022

Carbon capture, utilisation and storage in the energy transition: Vital but limited

In this report the Energy Transitions Commission describes the complementary role carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) has alongside zero-carbon electricity, clean hydrogen and sustainable low-carbon bioresources in delivering a net-zero economy.

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Report | 25 Apr 2022

The Chairperson’s guide to climate stakeholders

The Chairperson’s Guide to Climate Stakeholders, produced by the World Economic Forum and the Climate Governance Initiative in collaboration with Deloitte, puts a spotlight on how key stakeholder groups are responding to climate change and how they might respond in the future.

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Report | 1 Jan 2022

2022 UK Spencer Stuart Board Index

Now in its 27th edition, the 2022 UK Spencer Stuart Board Index is a comprehensive review of board composition and governance practice in the largest 150 companies in the FTSE rankings, providing a valuable perspective on the health of boardrooms during 2021–2022.

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Report | 1 Dec 2021

Changing the climate in the Boardroom: Executive summary

The results of this global survey of board directors reveal a clear disconnect between what board members say about the importance of climate change to their companies and what the boards actually do.

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Report | 1 Nov 2021

Aligning portfolios with climate goals: A new approach for financial institutions

This McKinsey article looks at how portfolio-alignment tools will help financial institutions chart more scientifically robust, realistic, and profitable climate strategies.

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Report | 31 Jul 2021

Paying well by paying for good

There’s a push for executive pay to be linked to ESG factors. Should this be done and if so how? This report is a partnership between PwC and The Centre for Corporate Governance at London Business School.

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Report | 27 Jul 2021

The board's role in sustainable leadership: A Russell Reynolds report

How corporate directors structure the board and engage with the challenges and opportunities of sustainability.

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Report | 12 Jul 2021

How can technology help combat climate change

This World Economic Forum article looks at carbon management and how technology can fight climate change.

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Report | 22 Mar 2021

The next generation of climate innovation

This BCG article looks at climate innovation.

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Report | 1 Sep 2020

Making mission possible: Delivering a net-zero economy

In its report Making Mission Possible – Delivering a Net-Zero Economy, the Energy Transitions Commission (ETC) shows that clean electrification will be the primary route to decarbonisation, complemented by others.