01 Nov 2023

Transition Planning Toolkit: Scorecard

Part 2 of the Transition Planning Toolkit. Complete the Transition Planning Scorecard to help assess how effectively your board is responding and contributing to the transition to a low GHG-emissions and climate-resilient economy. The scorecard serves as a valuable tool for board members to use when the company is developing its transition plan in accordance with the TPT guidance.

Transition Planning Scorecard

For companies that are new to the concept of transition planning, we advise starting with our short ‘Getting Started’ assessment to ensure the foundations are in place for board oversight of transition planning.


Getting started

Stage 1: Assess or re-assess

1. Is the board regularly updated on the company's climate-related risks and opportunities?

2. Do all board members have a sufficient understanding of transition planning and why it's important for the company?

Stage 2: Set your ambition

3. Has the board discussed the implications of climate change and the movement to a low GHG-emissions, climate-resilient economy as part of its corporate strategic planning?

4. Has the board set objectives, priorities and targets through a transition plan to contribute to this low GHG-emissions economy and set a net zero ambition?

Stage 3: Actions

5. Does the board incorporate climate considerations in short and long term decision making?

6. As part of the strategic planning processes are climate-related actions and considerations being applied to operations, and/ or products?

Stage 4: Implement your plan

7. Is the board monitoring progress on these climate-related actions?

8. Are there discussions or preparations regarding future disclosures and reports related to the company's transition planning?


Using the scorecard

For companies ready to go deeper, who wish to develop a transition plan that is fully aligned with the TPT Disclosure Framework we advise completing the full Chapter Zero Transition Planning Scorecard.

Why use the scorecard?

  • It will indicate how well you think your board is responding and contributing to the transition.
  • It will help you develop an understanding of the TPT transition planning cycle and your role in overseeing this process.
  • You can use the results to capture impressions from board members to enable a good discussion.
  • It can help identify gaps to be addressed, different viewpoints and challenges to be overcome.

How to use the scorecard?

  • To complete the scorecard, you need to answer a total of 20 questions. These are split across the four iterative stages of the TPT Transition Planning Cycle: Assess/re-assess, Set your ambition, Plan your actions, Implement your plan.
  • The questions are designed to help you assess how effectively your board is tackling the climate transition.
  • Ideally your whole board would complete the scorecard so that you can compare results.
  • Once you have completed the scorecard, you will receive an automatic email with a PDF of your Transition Planning Scorecard results.

The scorecard is not intended to be exhaustive. It is designed to capture and encourage debate in the boardroom.

Try our interactive Transition Planning Scorecard

Complete our interactive scorecard and receive a PDF output of your results by email with your aggregated scores.

Try the interactive Scorecard

Download the Scorecard as a PDF

Once completed, save the PDF as a new document if you wish to come back to your results later, otherwise your answers will be lost.

Access the Scorecard PDF
This toolkit has been produced in alignment with the Transition Plan Taskforce Disclosure Framework and Implementation Guidance. With thanks to:

Chronos Sustainability


Centre for Climate Engagement


LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group)


Continue to Part 3 of the Transition Planning Toolkit: Governance Compass

Governance Compass

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