26 Oct 2021

Goal 13 Impact Platform: Be inspired by corporate climate action

Building on interviews with more than 400 companies, the Goal 13 Impact Platform and report show how businesses around the world are planning to achieve net zero.

Do you want to know more about how the largest global companies are tackling climate change?

Today, The Goal 13 Impact Platform report: Voices from the market has been released and represents the voice of businesses on the frontline of climate action. Read about what’s driving change, targets set and commitments made, the key initiatives and lessons learned.

As world leaders gather in Glasgow for the highly anticipated COP26 fortnight, this report represents a clear voice from the market on what is needed from governments, policy makers, and businesses globally to deliver a net zero future.


Critical role for board members

The responses highlight the critical role that board members play in ensuring that climate risks and opportunities are integrated into strategic plans so they can be implemented and monitored effectively. While the external pressure on the board has arguably accelerated progress, leadership has been evidenced as both a driver and a barrier of progress in the interviews. It is clear more work is needed by boards across all sectors and scales to reach the emissions reductions levels needed.

Julie Baddeley, Chair of the Board, Chapter Zero

Chapter Zero is proud to have been a partner in this project, alongside Deloitte, the Confederation of British Industry, the Met Office, and the Prince’s Accounting for Sustainability Project (A4S).

Goal 13 Impact Platform Report

Read the full report or download the executive summary

Goal 13 Impact Platform Report

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