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Stakeholder engagement

This topic will help you to:
  • learn the art of effective stakeholder engagement with purposeful engagement plans, building internal support and fostering leadership for climate action
  • and discover the benefits of collaborating with industry peers, NGOs and other key actors to drive collective impact.

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Blog | 2 Feb 2023

How boards are nurturing and measuring stakeholder trust

In the Deloitte Global Boardroom Program’s latest Frontier survey, both board members and executives agree trust is important and think it’s their responsibility. But few include stakeholder trust-building in their corporate governance strategy. What’s stopping them?

Case studies

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Case study | 26 Oct 2020

Partnering with NGOs: The 4 keys to success

In this Network for Business Sustainability article, a long-term alliance shows how businesses can partner with NGOs to improve social impact and find new market opportunities.


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Explainer | 6 Jun 2023

Corporate climate policy engagement: A briefing for board directors

Conducting corporate climate policy engagement positively and appropriately is critical to creating the conditions that will enable a company to achieve its net zero transition. This briefing, produced by the Climate Governance Initiative in collaboration with the global think tank InfluenceMap, highlights the key issues that board directors should be aware of.


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Report | 3 Jul 2023

The Chairperson’s guide to climate integrity

This guide, produced by the World Economic Forum and the Climate Governance in collaboration with Deloitte, explores how organisations, guided by their Chairs, non-executive directors and board members, can earn and enhance trust through the sustainability transition.

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Report | 10 Feb 2023

How consumers are embracing sustainability

Deloitte looks at how consumers are embracing sustainability. Adoption of sustainable lifestyles is on the rise, but consumers need more help.

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Report | 13 Oct 2022

Climate Action 100+ Net Zero Company Benchmark progress

Climate Action 100+ Net Zero Company Benchmark shows continued progress on net zero commitments is not matched by development and implementation of credible decarbonisation strategies.