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This topic will help you:
  • learn the principles of effective climate leadership and discover strategies to drive change within organizations and across industries
  • and make a lasting impact on the business transition to net zero.

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Blog | 12 May 2023

Mary Ethna Black: Imposter syndrome, and what to do about it

In the second blog of her seven-part series on being a climate-active non-executive director, Chapter Zero Fellow Dr Mary Ethna Black considers whether there is a climate leader imposter syndrome and what to do about it.

Blog | 24 Apr 2023

A series of personal reflections from Mary Ethna Black on being a climate-active non-executive director

Chapter Zero Fellow Dr Mary Ethna Black kicks off her seven-part series of ‘two-minute reads’ on being a climate-active non-executive director.

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Blog | 31 Jan 2022

Lessons from starting a movement: In conversation with Julie Baddeley from Chapter Zero

Julie Baddeley has served on the boards of major organisations in the public and private sectors for over two decades. A few years ago, she had a lightbulb moment on a plane.


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Report | 29 Sep 2023

Systems change for a sustainable future

As leaders shift from ambition to action, understanding and accelerating systems transformation will be crucial. Explore this framework from Deloitte and RMI that can help organisations design a corporate climate strategy to drive change and create new value in the climate-aligned economy.

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Report | 12 Sep 2023

Roadmaps to nature positive

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) with 60 leading companies and partners are developing business guidance for actions to align strategies with the shared goal of a nature-positive planet by 2030.

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Report | 26 May 2023

ESG momentum: Seven reported traits that set organisations apart

McKinsey survey respondents reporting increased ESG impact say their organizations focus on both protecting and creating value.


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Toolkit | 27 Sep 2023

Future of Boards: 20 questions from CISL and DLA Piper

CISL in collaboration with DLA Piper have created a set of 20 pivotal questions for boards to better understand the landscape and navigate future shifts.


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Video | 5 Sep 2021

Watch: Vision 2050: Time to Transform

Vision 2050 is a framework to guide the actions and shifts in mindsets needed for 9+ billion people to live well, within planetary boundaries, by 2050.