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Climate transition

Get up to speed with:
  • the science of climate change
  • and the concept of net zero.

Case studies

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Case study | 1 Mar 2023

Business leaders sustainability survey findings

Read the key findings from an Eden McCallum survey of 250 business leaders, mostly from the UK and Netherlands, who shared their views about their approach to environmental sustainability.

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Case study | 1 Jan 2023

Corporate minds on climate action

Conservation International and We Mean Business Coalition ran a survey with 502 executives engaging on sustainability in global organisations. This is a detailed analysis of the results, designed to provide insight into the strategies undertaken by business leaders.


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Explainer | 28 Nov 2022

What is net zero?

If you follow sustainability and climate topics, you’ve probably heard the term net zero thrown around. Still puzzled? McKinsey & Company looks at net zero.

Collaboration with Centre for Climate Engagement
Explainer | 4 Apr 2022

Climate Change 2022: Mitigation of Climate Change

This summary highlights the main points in the April 2022 IPCC Working Group III report, and what it means for non-executive directors.

Collaboration with Centre for Climate Engagement
Explainer | 28 Feb 2022

Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s February 2022 report concludes that the impacts of climate change are severe, but that humanity can still avoid many of them if it seizes “a brief and rapidly closing window of opportunity”. This summary highlights the main points in the report, and what it means for non-executive directors.


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Report | 28 Sep 2023

First technical report of the UN Global Stocktake

The technical report of the first global stocktake finds that implementation must accelerate to increase ambition across all fronts, taking an all-of-society approach to make progress towards the Paris Agreement goals and respond to the climate crisis.

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Report | 1 Feb 2023

Investment for a well-adapted UK

Proactively building resilience to climate change will require significant investment. The Climate Change Committee lays out where investment will be needed to build climate resilience, the barriers associated with delivering this, and how key investment streams for adaptation can be scaled up.

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Report | 1 Nov 2022

Degree of urgency: Accelerating actions to keep 1.5°C on the table

This report by the Energy Transitions Commission (ETC) assesses progress since COP26 and outlines the priority areas for accelerated action at, and beyond, COP27.


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Video | 1 Apr 2023

Net Zero: 2023 perspective

Watch this Eden McCallum webinar on net zero: a 2023 perspective with Lord Adair Turner covering technologies, economics and the global political climate.

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Video | 21 Mar 2023

Watch: How 16 tipping points could push our entire planet into crisis

Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Johan Rockström, explains how tipping points in climate change could set off a planetary crisis.

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Video | 4 Dec 2019

Watch: The Pivotal Moment

In a video from the Science Based Targets Initiative, Dr Emily Shuckburgh explains the fatal difference just 0.5°C of warming will bring, and explores how businesses the world over can step up, and set targets that hold global temperatures to 1.5°C


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Collaboration with Chronos Sustainability
25th April 2024 @ 9:30

How to move transition planning forward from the boardroom

Join us for an essential webinar hosted by Chapter Zero, Chronos Sustainability, and the London Stock Exchange Group, designed to empower non-executive directors on navigating the transition to net zero.

Collaboration with Deloitte Academy
22nd January 2024 @ 9:00

The UK Energy Transition - Where are we, where do we need to be, how do we get there?

In this webinar in collaboration with Deloitte, we will discuss where is the UK in the energy transition journey and what needs to happen to meet the UK’s 2050 net zero target. We will consider how the energy sources, and the energy system that supports our electricity, heat and transport networks, need to evolve. We will also explore what is required by the energy industry, consumers, investors and government to make this happen.