Ensure Accountability

Monitoring and reporting

This topic considers how to:
  • effectively monitor and report climate-related disclosures
  • understand the importance of data transparency and accurate reporting, along with scope 3 emissions and supply chain considerations
  • and keep up with the ever-evolving landscape of climate reporting.

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Blog | 19 Sep 2023

Five tips for your annual reports

With extensive expertise chairing multiple FTSE350 boards, as an investor and pension fund trustee, Chapter Zero Supporting Chair Sarah Bates shares her top five tips for this annual reporting season.

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Blog | 9 May 2023

CFD vs TCFD – spot the difference

This Deloitte blog looks specifically at the interaction between CFD and TCFD requirements, what it means for companies caught by both, and what changes CFD implies for TCFD.

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Blog | 13 Dec 2022

TCFD 2022 Global Progress Report for Banks

An Accenture blog on the 2022 TCFD progress report for banks.


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Collaboration with Centre for Climate Engagement
Explainer | 17 Oct 2023

The Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD): a briefing to address nature in the boardroom

In September 2023, the TNFD published its final Recommendations for businesses and financial institutions to disclose material interactions with nature. These aim to inform better decision-making by companies and capital providers, and contribute to a shift in global financial flows toward nature-positive outcomes and the goals of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework. This briefing, produced by the Climate Governance Initiative, explains what the latest TNFD recommendations mean for you as a board director and key questions to ask in the boardroom to ensure your organisations can benefit from the opportunity to make impactful changes for business and nature.

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Explainer | 12 Jul 2023

Net zero targets among world's largest companies double, but credibility gaps undermine progress

Net zero is a corporate norm, with almost two-thirds (65%) of the annual revenue of the world’s largest 2000 companies now covered by a net zero target. Net Zero Tracker looks at the published targets at 12 June 2023.

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Explainer | 27 Jun 2023

Ten things to know about the first ISSB Standards

The IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards have been designed to provide a global baseline of sustainability-related disclosures for the capital markets. Here are 10 things you need to know about the ISSB’s new standards.


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Report | 27 Sep 2023

Analysis of 2022 UK Company Annual Reports

A UKEB analysis of 2022 UK Company Annual Reports: A Study in Connectivity.

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Report | 4 Aug 2023

Achieving a circular economy: using data-sharing tools, like the Digital Product Passport

The world’s material circularity currently stands at 7.2% - having decreased from the 8.6% material circularity recorded for 2020 and the 9.1% for 2018. This WBCSD research provides a practical example of the data flows that may exist and be utilized to enable a circular economy across four sectors.

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Report | 10 Mar 2023

Understanding climate-related disclosures of UK financial institutions

This working paper sets out research in progress by Bank of England staff. They explore the determinants of firm disclosures by creating a unique, firm-level panel data set on climate-related disclosures of UK financial institutions.


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Video | 1 Nov 2022

Watch: A focus on climate related reporting

Year-end climate related reporting for listed companies: Do you know the essential questions to ask your management team? This EY UK video explores the topic.

Collaboration with Deloitte Academy
Video | 21 Sep 2022

Watch: Climate and ESG reporting: An update for the board

In collaboration with Deloitte, we discussed the current climate and ESG reporting requirements with observations on reporting best practice. Some of the key issues for boards to consider over the coming months and to factor into your year-end accounts’ disclosures were also shared.

Collaboration with Deloitte Academy
Video | 13 Jul 2021

Watch: Building confidence and clarity around ESG reporting

In this webinar, in partnership with the Deloitte Academy, we look at the acceleration in the move to mandatory ESG reporting and what this means in terms of the quality of sustainability data that will be expected. In particular we look at the growing calls for assurance, what assurance is required now, how that will likely change, and the key considerations that companies need to make to meet stakeholder needs and drive confidence in the information being reported.


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Collaboration with Accounting for Sustainability
24th January 2024 @ 10:30

Climate Dialogue: Audit Committees

Join us for a session exclusively for Audit Committee Chairs and Members, in collaboration with Accounting for Sustainability (A4S) to explore transition planning and get an understanding of emerging requirements and changing regulations for Audit Committees to drive climate action on boards. 

Collaboration with Deloitte Academy
20th November 2023 @ 9:00

Sustainability and climate reporting: A focus on your year-end reports

In this webinar, in collaboration with the Deloitte Academy, we will discuss the latest developments and best practice in relation to UK and Global reporting standards for sustainability and climate and when they will be applicable to UK organisations.