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Climate policy and regulation

This topic is designed to help you:
  • navigate the ever-changing climate policy and regulatory landscape
  • understand the current situation of UK regulations, the influence of EU and global policies, and the implications for business
  • and gain insight into international climate agreements that shape the business environment.

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Blog | 27 Sep 2023

Understand the Requirements of this First Set of European Sustainability Reporting Standards

Mark Vaessen, KPMG Partner in The Netherlands, looks at key features of the final European Sustainability Reporting Standards and interoperability with international standard-settings initiatives. From FY24, companies will be required to provide granular sustainability information.

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Blog | 20 Sep 2023

Nature Disclosures will 'Become the Norm'

The final TNFD recommendations were launched at New York Climate Week 2023. Toby Roxburgh, ICAEW’s Sustainability Manager, Nature and Biodiversity, explains what this means and why it matters.

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Blog | 15 Sep 2023

EU Green Deal vs. US Inflation Reduction Act

In this blog, André Guedel and Olivier Eichenberger, KPMG Switzerland, explore the different types of incentives for innovation, sustainable industrialization and decarbonization in the EU and the USA.


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Collaboration with Centre for Climate Engagement
Explainer | 20 Feb 2024

UK Climate Policy Briefing - February 2024

Our UK policy briefings aim to highlight the latest developments in UK climate policy directly relevant to NEDs.

Collaboration with Centre for Climate Engagement
Explainer | 17 Nov 2023

UK Climate Policy Briefing - November 2023

Our UK policy briefing aims to highlight the latest developments in UK climate policy directly relevant to NEDs.

Collaboration with McKinsey & Company
Explainer | 8 Nov 2023

Drawing impetus from the global context

In 2023, Chapter Zero partnered with McKinsey for a three-part event series that explored the impact non-executive directors (NEDs) can have in the boardroom to help their organisations achieve net zero. The third session, held on 8 November, set the scene for COP28 and how to address key points raised, and initiatives formed, at COP28 in the boardroom. We have summarised below the key takeaways of this event.


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News | 18 Dec 2023

COP28 outcomes: implications for board directors

Looking ahead after the COP28 climate conference, what are the key takeaways for NEDs?

News | 25 Nov 2022

What happened at COP27 and what’s next for business?

Looking ahead after the COP27 climate conference, what’s next for business, and what are the key takeaways for NEDs?


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Report | 28 Jun 2023

2023 Progress Report to Parliament

The Climate Change Committee's 2023 statutory report provides a comprehensive overview of the UK Government’s progress to date in reducing emissions

Collaboration with Centre for Climate Engagement
Report | 29 Mar 2023

What the IPCC report means for non-executive directors

The IPCC Sixth Assessment Report containing the latest scientific knowledge on climate change has been completed. Here are the key takeaways for NEDs.


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Collaboration with Deloitte Academy
Video | 25 Jan 2022

Watch: Key learnings from COP26 with Nigel Topping

In collaboration with Deloitte, this event with Nigel Topping, High-Level Champion for Climate Action at COP26, reflected on the key outcomes of COP26 and how they will impact boards and senior business leaders in the years to come.

Video | 22 Jan 2021

Watch: The role of business in delivering the UK's net zero ambition - Chris Stark CCC

Listen to Emily Farnworth, Deputy Director of the Hughes Hall Centre for Climate Change Engagement, in conversation with Chris Stark, CEO of the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), as they explore business' role in delivering the UK's Net Zero ambition and the 6th Carbon Budget.


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Collaboration with Climate Governance Initiative
14th December 2023 @ 12:00

Key takeaways from COP28 for the boardroom

Organised by the Climate Governance Initiative, this post COP28 webinar will cover globally significant developments and a first response by board directors and experts as to whether their expectations for COP28 have been met. It will also offer a perspective on how the agreements, policies and statements released at COP28 may influence and affect their role as a board director.

Collaboration with McKinsey & Company
8th November 2023 @ 16:00

Drawing impetus from the global context

Session 3 in our three-step series with McKinsey: Plans beyond pledges. Hear the expectations for COP28 from those with experience of the process and how boards can help organisations make the most for what may be coming next for businesses.