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Investment and finance

This topic considers how to:
  • unlock the climate transition by aligning a company’s investments with climate action
  • understand the interaction with financial institutions
  • and discover opportunities to access funding and support to transition to net zero.

Blog articles

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Blog | 2 Jun 2023

Financing Net Zero: How to incentivise credible climate action through sustainability-linked and transition finance

This Carbon Trust article outlines how transition financing mechanisms can be reformed to deliver genuine progress on emissions reductions.

Case studies

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Case study | 20 Apr 2023

Smurfit Kappa: A joined-up approach to climate and sustainability strategy

This Climate Governance Initiative case study looks at this FTSE 100 global packaging leader that is dealing with increased demand for its products while also steering the business towards net zero by 2050.


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Explainer | 5 Jul 2023

Normative accounting for intangibles

A briefing from Rethinking Capital and the Centre for Climate Engagement on applying normative accounting for intangibles in net zero transition decision governance and reporting.

Explainer | 27 Nov 2020

Access to capital and the low carbon transition

Highlights from a panel discussion between senior executives driving the climate agenda at three of the UK’s most prominent financial institutions.


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Report | 1 Sep 2023

Banks and the net zero transition

Tracking progress with the TPI Net Zero Banking Assessment Framework September 2023 report

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Report | 2 May 2023

Governance and climate insights report

This World Benchmarking Alliance report uses the benchmark findings to highlight the state of play in the financial system across governance and climate and the relationship between them.

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Report | 1 Mar 2023

Financing the transition: How to make the money flow for a net-zero economy

In this report the Energy Transitions Commission highlights the critical importance of strong government policies relating both to the real economy and to the financial system if finance is to flow on the scale required.


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Collaboration with HSBC
Video | 24 Sep 2021

Watch: How financial institutions are tackling the net zero challenge

Financial institutions are a powerful force in the race to net zero. Can cooperation help overcome some of the challenges and unlock the trillions needed to achieve a resilient, zero emissions future? This event with HSBC and Chapter Zero France discussed how financial institutions can define credible and transparent commitments to finance the transition to net zero while establishing a robust framework to monitor progress.

Collaboration with Centre for Climate Engagement
Video | 29 Jun 2021

Watch: Aligning pension funds and corporate climate ambitions

In this event leading figures give a deeper understanding of how pension schemes can align with a business’s climate goals and the practicalities of the UK’s Pension Schemes Act. This event is organised by the Centre for Climate Engagement in collaboration with Chapter Zero.

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Video | 27 Nov 2020

Watch: Access to capital and the low carbon transition

This event was organised by Chapter Zero in collaboration with Aviva and London Stock Exchange and featured a panel discussion between senior executives driving the climate agenda at three of the UK’s most prominent financial institutions.