Implement the Transition

Transition planning foundations

This topic looks at:
  • how to build the foundations for effective transition planning and understand the importance of a comprehensive transition plan
  • and the key frameworks and resources designed to help boards develop and scrutinize transition plans.


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Plans beyond pledges
Collaboration with WTW
News | 22 Nov 2023

Plans beyond pledges: Key insights on the role of boards from flagship event

An orderly transition to a low-greenhouse gas and climate-resilient economy demands robust transition planning led by effective and courageous climate leadership by boards. Read the summary from WTW on key insights on the role of boards, as well as perspectives from corporates and investors, from our flagship event.

WTW Event
News | 2 Nov 2023

Flagship event launched the Transition Planning Toolkit

Last night we launched our new Transition Planning Toolkit for non-executive directors at our flagship event attended by more than 300 Chapter Zero members, partners and supporters.

Collaboration with Transition Plan Taskforce
News | 9 Oct 2023

Transition Plan Taskforce delivers ‘gold standard’ framework for companies and financial institutions to tackle climate change

Chapter Zero is proud to have played a part in the work of the Transition Plan Taskforce (TPT) that today delivers a best practice Disclosure Framework for climate transition plans so companies can play their part in the shift to net zero.


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Report | 1 Jul 2023

Building momentum for transition plans

There is growing international momentum around private sector transition plans and their vital role in supporting the global shift to net zero across the financial sector and the real economy. This is a status update from the Transition Plan Taskforce.

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Report | 16 Feb 2023

Companies are recognizing the need for climate transition plans but are not moving fast enough

New CDP data shows companies are recognizing the need for climate transition plans but are not moving fast enough amidst incoming mandatory disclosure.

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Report | 1 Feb 2023

Are companies developing credible climate transition plans?

This CDP report provides an overview of the current state of climate transition plan information disclosed through CDP's 2022 climate change questionnaire. The data analysed in this report spans over 18,600 organizations in 13 industries and across 135 countries.


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Collaboration with LSEG Foundation
Toolkit | 8 Apr 2024

Transition Planning Toolkit: Barriers and Enablers

Part 4 of the Transition Planning Toolkit. Read ‘Barriers and Enablers’ to consider and prepare for the barriers to developing and delivering on the company’s transition plan, and to understand enabling factors and processes that may enhance this delivery.

Collaboration with LSEG Foundation
Toolkit | 1 Nov 2023

Transition Planning Toolkit: Governance Compass

Part 3 of the Transition Planning Toolkit. Use the ‘Governance Compass’ section in your board committee meetings to ensure that your committee’s work considers, aligns with and supports the company’s Strategic Ambition and transition plan.

Collaboration with LSEG Foundation
Toolkit | 1 Nov 2023

Transition Planning Toolkit: Scorecard

Part 2 of the Transition Planning Toolkit. Complete the Transition Planning Scorecard to help assess how effectively your board is responding and contributing to the transition to a low GHG-emissions and climate-resilient economy. The scorecard serves as a valuable tool for board members to use when the company is developing its transition plan in accordance with the TPT guidance.


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Simon Carter
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Video | 2 Nov 2023

Transition Planning insights: British Land

Simon Carter, CEO, shares how British Land worked with their non-executive directors and ESG Committee to create a credible net zero transition plan.

Jane Goodland Video
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Video | 2 Nov 2023

Transition Planning insights: London Stock Exchange Group

Jane Goodland, Group Head of Sustainability, shares how the London Stock Exchange Group helps investors and listed companies to allocate capital, navigate the climate transition, and the importance of board engagement.

Nigel Topping Video
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Video | 2 Nov 2023

Transition Planning insights: UK Climate Change Committee

Nigel Topping CMG, Business Champion for the UK Climate Change Committee, shares the current climate state of play and urges business leaders to move beyond frameworks and take concrete steps towards net zero goals.


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Collaboration with Carbon Trust
15th May 2024 @ 8:45

Getting Started: Assessing your climate-related risks, opportunities and current position

In partnership with the Carbon Trust, the first 'Getting Started' webinar in our Transition Planning series will equip non-executive directors to prepare for the transition by understanding and assessing climate-related risks and opportunities, identifying key transition levers and exploring how climate transition plans are linked with TCFD recommendations.

Collaboration with WTW
1st November 2023 @ 17:00

Plans beyond pledges: Effective board leadership of the net zero transition

UK boardrooms are critical to ensuring that we achieve economy-wide net zero and create long-term business value through effective transition plans. Join us at Chapter Zero's flagship transition planning event, hosted by WTW.

Collaboration with Deloitte Academy
30th October 2023 @ 9:00

Transition planning

Your organisation's transition plan will explain how your organisation will adapt to become a sustainable decarbonised business. In this webinar, in collaboration with the Deloitte Academy, we will discuss disclosure requirements for your transition plan.