29 Oct 2022

Climate Transition Action Plans from a leading NGO coalition

Get up to speed with this definition of a comprehensive transition plan developed by leading climate organisations.

With businesses at various stages of starting, reviewing, enhancing and testing their transition plans, there’s a need for guidance and a shared framework to make more progress more quickly. The UK Transition Plan Taskforce’s proposed framework is a huge step forward and is open for consultation until the end of February 2023. This framework will inform regulatory disclosures.

Other key stakeholders, including the investor community and civil society, are now represented in the definition of a comprehensive transition plan published by a leading NGO coalition. We Mean Business Coalition, CDP, Ceres, and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) have consulted with Ramboll Consulting to develop a consensus-driven definition of a comprehensive Climate Transition Action Plan (CTAP). They have reviewed 31 transition plan guidance documents from 17 organisations to identify best-in-class practices and common core transition plan elements. The project also surveyed over 100 companies, investors, and other stakeholders on their needs.

The journey to corporate climate credibility is outlined in three steps:

  1. Set science-based goals
  2. Develop a Climate Transition Action Plan (CTAP) with four components
    1. Emissions Reduction Strategy
    2. Governance and Business Strategy Integration
    3. Public Policy
    4. Just Transition
  3. Establish accounting and reporting

Their definition of a comprehensive CTAP is:

  • a forward-looking list of actions
  • taken in the near term
  • to align internal strategies
  • and external climate and energy policy advocacy
  • to reduce GHG emissions in line with a 1.5°C pathway
  • and achieve a just transition.

Climate Transition Action Plans: Activate your journey to climate leadership

We recommend you familiarise yourself with this report to build your own climate literacy and ability to guide boardroom conversations on transition planning.

Report date: October 2022

Read the CTAP report here

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