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Embedding climate strategy

This topic considers:
  • the importance of embedding climate within the organization
  • the latest science-aligned strategies, targets and actions, along with best practices for managing Scope 3 emissions and supply chain considerations
  • and carbon markets and beyond value chain solutions, including natural climate solutions, to drive climate action globally and build business resilience.

Blog articles

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Blog | 14 Jun 2023

Embedding climate actions in day-to-day operations

With a long-standing interest in climate and technology, after a career as company advisor and auditor, William Touche, previous leader of Deloitte’s Boardroom Program and long-time supporter of Chapter Zero, shares his reflections on business operations through a climate lens.

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Blog | 26 Apr 2023

No net zero without nature

Preserving and restoring nature is a critical part of the climate solution. Brunswick asks two leaders of this effort to draw on their experience and highlight the role of business.

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Blog | 1 Jan 2023

2030 Milestones

At COP27, the Mission Possible Partnership launched a set of 2030 Milestones, detailing the necessary action that needs to be taken in this decade to decarbonise heavy industry.

Case studies

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Case study | 20 Apr 2023

Natura & Co: IP&L, circular carbon, and a triple bottom line approach

This Climate Governance Initiative case study looks at Brazilian beauty giant Natura &Co that has long been a champion of sustainability.

Case study | 21 Apr 2021

How to cut emissions in your supply chain

Emissions from your supply chain can pose the greatest challenge when setting ambitious plans to reduce your climate impacts. How can you cut emissions that aren’t in your direct control or that might be the result of bigger systemic issues?


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Collaboration with Centre for Climate Engagement
Explainer | 20 Feb 2024

Climate Contracting Explainer: Integrating climate-conscious clauses into your supply chain

This explainer explores what climate contracting is, how to use it, and why it may be a critical missing step to help your business achieve its transition to net zero.

Collaboration with Accenture
Explainer | 26 Sep 2023

Exploring the future of supply chains: net zero, circular, and traceability & integrity

Chapter Zero partnered with Accenture in 2023 to deliver a masterclass exploring the future of supply chains. We have summarised here the key takeaways from the session.

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Explainer | 1 Dec 2022

Climate Change and ESG-related risks in Value Chains: What Board Directors need to know

This briefing, produced by the Commonwealth Climate and Law Initiative (CCLI) and the Climate Governance Initiative, provides guidance on new, existing and proposed legislation on value chain due diligence, company obligations, and driving due diligence across value chains.


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Collaboration with Kantar
News | 17 Oct 2023

Results of the 2023 impact survey with Chapter Zero members

In July 2023, we surveyed Chapter Zero members in association with our strategic insights partner, Kantar. Our annual impact study helps us understand the pace of change, the critical boardroom dilemmas, and the live needs of our community. Take a look at the results.

News | 22 Mar 2022

Introducing the Chapter Zero Board Scorecard

Try the Chapter Zero Board Scorecard to help you assess how effectively your board is tackling the net zero transition and building resilience to climate impacts.


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Report | 1 Mar 2023

Scoping out: Tracking nature across the supply chain

With wide-ranging rules likely to be enforced this decade following agreements, including at COP15, companies need to engage their suppliers now on nature and climate to avoid falling behind. Read CDP’s Global Supply Chain Report 2022.

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Report | 20 Oct 2022

Resilient supply chains

This Climate Change Committee briefing summarises the evidence on climate-related risks to UK supply chains and the adaptation actions which can build resilience and maintain functioning supply chains.

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Report | 1 Sep 2020

Making mission possible: Delivering a net-zero economy

In its report Making Mission Possible – Delivering a Net-Zero Economy, the Energy Transitions Commission (ETC) shows that clean electrification will be the primary route to decarbonisation, complemented by others.


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Toolkit | 14 Feb 2022

The Chapter Zero Energy Guide

This Chapter Zero Energy Guide provides non-executive directors on the boards of companies that are developing climate plans with an introduction to the steps they can take to reduce emissions from energy supply and use.


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Collaboration with Deloitte Academy
Video | 19 Mar 2024

Watch: A Perfect Storm- Climate as a strategic differentiator for insurers

Watch Deloitte Academy's discussion into how insurers are using climate as a strategic differentiator and how the changing landscape may influence their public statements on climate.

Collaboration with Herbert Smith Freehills
Video | 18 Nov 2022

Watch: Carbon markets: their role and possible future in the fight against climate change

In collaboration with Herbert Smith Freehills, this webinar considers the increasing role carbon markets of different natures are playing around the world as countries are trying to reduce emissions in the chase to net zero.

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Video | 30 Mar 2022

Watch: Same industry, different models: Burberry & Baukjen on meeting climate ambitions

Climate considerations transcend size and heritage, and are important for every business. Burberry is a global, long-established business, and Baukjen is a local London-based BCorp. In this event we explored their unique stories and pathways, the role of governance, and progress so far.


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Collaboration with Freshfields
13th February 2024 @ 15:30

Strategic climate planning

Session 3 in our three-step series with Freshfields: Legal considerations for transition planning. As companies move to develop credible transition plans, the legal landscape becomes a critical factor in shaping their journeys. In this session we will delve into the legal dimensions of credible climate strategies, exploring the opportunities and strategies they present.