The Business Case
Review Ambition
Drive Board Action
Implement the Transition
Ensure Accountability
Accelerate Business Transformation
Embedding climate strategy
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Report | 1 Mar 2023

Scoping out: Tracking nature across the supply chain

With wide-ranging rules likely to be enforced this decade following agreements, including at COP15, companies need to engage their suppliers now on nature and climate to avoid falling behind. Read CDP’s Global Supply Chain Report 2022.

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Report | 20 Oct 2022

Resilient supply chains

This Climate Change Committee briefing summarises the evidence on climate-related risks to UK supply chains and the adaptation actions which can build resilience and maintain functioning supply chains.

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Report | 1 Sep 2020

Making mission possible: Delivering a net-zero economy

In its report Making Mission Possible – Delivering a Net-Zero Economy, the Energy Transitions Commission (ETC) shows that clean electrification will be the primary route to decarbonisation, complemented by others.

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Report | 1 Jun 2017

TCFD recommendations

The TCFD recommendations on climate-related financial disclosures are widely adoptable and applicable to organizations across sectors and jurisdictions. They are structured around four thematic areas: governance, strategy, risk management, and metrics and targets.