Implement the Transition

Implementation strategy

This topic considers:
  • the NED's role in developing robust climate transition plans 
  • and the key guidance available to assess the business impacts and opportunities of effective transition plans.

Blog articles

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Blog | 12 Jul 2023

Why should non-executive directors care about transition planning?

Ashley Alder, Chair of the Financial Conduct Authority, talks to Chapter Zero about why the net zero transition is such an important area of focus, why non-executive directors should care and where we go from here.

Collaboration with Deloitte
Blog | 4 Jul 2023

A boards-eye view of the net zero transition

Reflecting on our popular roundtable series with Deloitte, Oliver Hemming shares six takeaways from attendees on implementing a successful net zero transition.

Collaboration with Environment Agency
Blog | 13 Mar 2023

10 top tips for leaders who want to get their organisation to net zero

Following our February 2023 breakfast briefing, Sir James Bevan, Chief Executive, Environment Agency, shares his 10 top tips for leaders who want to get their organisation to net zero.

Case studies

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Case study | 6 Jul 2023

The Bank of England’s Climate Transition Plan

The Bank published its Climate Transition Plan in July 2023, which details the Bank’s target and strategy to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions for physical operations.

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Case study | 13 Sep 2022

National Grid: Demonstrating accountability by sharing its climate transition plan

This We Mean Business Coalition case study looks at one of the world’s largest investor-owned energy utilities, delivering electricity and gas across the UK and Eastern U.S.

Case study | 21 Mar 2022

How the National Trust is turning climate ambition into action: a multi-faceted case study

Chapter Zero Fellow Orna NiChionna shares first-hand experience of how this complex conservation organisation is driving decarbonisation. She reflects on changing minds in the boardroom and offers advice on managing risk and challenge during an ambitious energy transition.


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Collaboration with Chronos Sustainability
Explainer | 25 Apr 2024

How to move transition planning forward from the boardroom

In April, Chapter Zero hosted a webinar in partnership with Chronos Sustainability and the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), designed to empower non-executive directors (NEDs) to navigate the transition to net zero. Below are the key takeaways from the session.

Collaboration with McKinsey & Company
Explainer | 6 Jun 2023

Grow or go: leading the transition

In 2023, Chapter Zero partnered with McKinsey for a three-part event series that explored the impact non-executive directors (NEDs) can have in the boardroom to help their organisations achieve net zero. The first of these sessions, held on Tuesday 6 June, focused on the strategic fundamentals of green growth, and how NEDs can support organisations to move from pledges to plans and help them achieve low-carbon growth. We have summarised below the key takeaways of this event.


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Report | 1 Jan 2023

Nature in net zero transition plans: Why and how?

WWF looks at how companies can consider climate and nature together in current transition planning.

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Report | 1 Nov 2022

Consultation: The Transition Plan Taskforce Implementation Guidance

The Transition Plan Taskforce (TPT) has launched the first draft of the TPT Disclosure Framework (the Disclosure Framework or Framework) for consultation. This Implementation Guidance accompanies the Framework.

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Report | 1 Nov 2022

Consultation: The Transition Plan Taskforce Disclosure Framework

This draft of the TPT Disclosure Framework will be open to consultation until 28 February 2023. The TPT will then reflect on feedback received with a view to finalising the framework in 2023.


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Toolkit | 29 Sep 2023

Useful Business and Finance checklists from the UN Integrity Matters report

The UN High-Level Expert Group have published implementation checklists for businesses and financial institutions with a net-zero pledge. The checklists transcribe the recommendations of the report into a list of criteria and provides guidance on what to consider through each stage of their progress towards being credibly 1.5°C-aligned.


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Collaboration with Chronos Sustainability
Video | 25 Apr 2024

Watch: How to move transition planning forward from the boardroom

Explore how boards can oversee the development of high-quality transition plans, as well as approaches for integrating climate risk and opportunity into discussions on business strategy in our webinar held in partnership with Chronos Sustainability and the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG).

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Video | 22 Nov 2022

Watch: From boards to baskets: greening our food system

Board members from on-the-go food retailer Greggs and online grocer Ocado shared their journeys and the experiences of their businesses moving ahead on climate, with Chapter Zero Chair Julie Baddeley.

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Video | 15 Feb 2022

Watch: Turning climate ambition into action at the National Trust

A case study on driving transformational climate action in a diverse and complex business with multiple stakeholders.