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Innovation and technology

This topic will help you review:
  • how existing solutions and low-hanging fruit can drive immediate impact 
  • and the emerging solutions that can revolutionize how companies approach climate action.


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Collaboration with Accenture
Explainer | 24 Oct 2023

Embedding technology into your organisation’s net zero transition

Chapter Zero partnered with Accenture in 2023 to deliver a masterclass exploring how to embed technology into your organisation’s net zero transition. We have summarised here the key takeaways from the session.

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Explainer | 20 Dec 2021

Greenhouse gas removal briefing: From the Centre for Climate Engagement

In the IPCC’s Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C, almost all pathways analysed relied to some extent on greenhouse gas removal (GGR) approaches to achieve net negative emissions after 2050. This explainer from the Centre for Climate Engagement looks at GGR solutions, market readiness, cost, removal mechanisms and when a business should be thinking about it.


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Report | 1 Jul 2023

Material and resource requirements for the energy transition

In this report the Energy Transitions Commission dives into the natural resources and materials needed to meet the needs of the transition.

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Report | 1 Jun 2023

Better, faster, cleaner: Securing clean energy technology supply chains

The global transition to net-zero demands a massive deployment of clean energy technologies. This Energy Transitions Commission briefing looks at clean energy supply chains challenges.

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Report | 13 Mar 2023

Climate investing: Continuing breakout growth through uncertain times

Investments in climate technology are still increasing, defying the headwinds that affected most capital markets. McKinsey identifies eight factors for deploying capital in this resilient space.


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Toolkit | 31 Aug 2021

Getting real: A blueprint for a commercially smart climate transition

This document from Oliver Wyman and the Climate Group identifies four domains that businesses need to manage in order for their transition plans to be both commercially successful and to have impact.


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Collaboration with Deloitte Academy
Video | 22 Sep 2022

Watch: Digital for good – driving sustainable business with net zero technology

In this webinar, in partnership with the Deloitte Academy, we explored the role of technology in the net zero transformation, looking at the opportunities and challenges it offers. The importance of decarbonising business’s digital infrastructure, and the practical steps that can be taken to start on this journey, were highlighted.

Collaboration with Deloitte Academy
Video | 29 Nov 2021

Watch: Exploring science based solutions for Carbon Capture and Storage

In this webinar, in partnership with Deloitte, we discussed science and technology-based carbon capture, storage and offsetting solutions, their long-term viability and how they can form part of your company’s strategy to achieve net zero. We were joined by Professor Stuart Haszeldine, from Edinburgh University, a renowned expert in Carbon Capture and Storage.


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Collaboration with Accenture
24th October 2023 @ 14:30

Harnessing technology for climate action

In partnership with Accenture we're running two leadership forums for non-executive directors. The second in the series, "Harnessing technology for climate action", will delve into the transformative potential of technology in addressing climate challenges.

Collaboration with Deloitte Academy
14th November 2023 @ 9:00

Sustainability data

Technology and data can empower organisations to make the impactful decisions required to decarbonise at pace. To make these decisions balancing the cost, impact and benefit, organisations need good reliable data that supports action and drives accountability. This webinar is in collaboration with the Deloitte Academy.