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25th March 2024 @ 7:00 - 8:30

Chairs Fostering Psychological Safety: Primer for Sustainability and AI Debates

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In the current era, where environmental awareness and technological advancements are paramount, the roles of Chairs and board members are increasingly critical. Their decisions not only shape organisational strategies but also impact societal and environmental welfare.

Board diversity, a subject of ongoing debate, offers numerous benefits including enhanced decision-making, innovative thinking, and the prevention of groupthink. However, the effectiveness of a diverse board often hinges on the quality of board discussions and the Chair’s ability to facilitate these interactions.

Recent surveys reveal that only about half of board members perceive their boards as psychologically safe environments.

The Chair’s role is crucial in promoting open discussions on pressing issues like sustainability, climate action, and responsible AI. A significant challenge for Chairs and Boards is to cultivate a boardroom atmosphere where members feel comfortable to speak freely, take risks, and admit mistakes without fearing negative consequences to their status or careers. Establishing such psychological safety is essential for strategic, effective decision-making within the boardroom.

Organised by the INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre and Boards Impact Forum, in collaboration with Chapter Zero and the Climate Governance Initiative Hong Kong, the Webinar and Digital Dialogue will delve into the myths and misconceptions of psychological safety and the critical role that Chairs play in fostering a safe environment for board members to feel empowered to raise questions, challenge assumptions and the status quo.

Join us for an interactive exchange to hear INSEAD Professor Stanislav Shekshnia share the framework of psychological safety in creating positive team dynamics, what research reveals about the practices adopted by board chairs in laying the foundations of trust that build better engagement with board members.

Following the academic presentation, there will be a panel discussion with Nicolas Allen, Katarina Bonde and Rolf Pfeiffer, three distinguished Chairs who will comment and share their experiences and observations on the practices and pitfalls concerning chairs and their influence on building a culture of psychological safety.

To hear your perspectives and tailor the discussions for this webinar, please share your thoughts by answering a few questions through this confidential survey.

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Speakers include
Image of Stanislav Shekshnia

Stanislav Shekshina

Senior Affiliate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise at INSEAD, co-director of Leading from the Chair and Scandinavian Executive Institute Executive Board and Advanced Board development programs.

Image of Nicholas Allen

Nicholas Allen

Chair and Non-Executive Director at Link Asset Management Ltd, and Non-Executive Director at HKEX, The London Metal Exchange, LME Clear Ltd, Mordril Properties Ltd and CLP Holdings Ltd.

Image of Katarina Bonde

Katarina Bonde

Chair of the Board at Stillfront Group, Mentimeter AB, Zimpler AB, Stratsys AB, and Director of the Board at Mycronic AB, Bure ACQ.

Image of Rolf Pfeiffer

Rolf Pfeiffer

Fellow of the Institute of Coaching (IOC), Harvard, Co-Host of the IOC EMEA Roundtable, Chair of the Board of Commonpurpose Germany and Vice-Chair of the Foundation of the British Chamber of Commerce in Germany.

Image of Liselotte Haegertz

Liselotte Engstam

Board member at World Economic Forums Climate Governance Initiative, Chair at the Nordic Chapter Boards Impact Forum and Non-Executive Director for TietoEvery, Transtema, Zalaris and Cint, Ografy and BordClic.

Equilibrist walking on muddled thoughts- Digital Illustration
25th March 2024 @ 7:00 - 8:30

Chairs Fostering Psychological Safety: Primer for Sustainability and AI Debates

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