02 Nov 2022

From awareness to action: a five-step programme with McKinsey & Company

To equip our members and their companies, we held a five-part series of events with McKinsey, to bring the best thinking to boardrooms on achieving net zero and effecting meaningful change.

The events took place in a central London location. Each session was led by Harry Bowcott and Jayanti Kar, leaders of McKinsey’s Sustainability Practice in the UK, along with key subject matter experts, and tools to road-test at roundtable discussions during the events.

This content-rich programme covered:

Session 1

Solving the net zero equation

We reflected on the unprecedented economic transformation that a transition to net zero will entail – a transformation that will affect us all, across all countries and sectors of the global economy. We described nine requirements for solving the net zero equation across physical building blocks such as natural resources or technologies; economic and societal adjustments; and enabling mechanisms such as standards and public consent.

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Session 2

Managing strategies in an uncertain world

Having explored the requirements for solving the net zero equation, we investigated how to develop strategic options for a low-carbon future. This included setting a baseline, selecting a company’s strategic posture as a ‘leader’ or ‘follower’ and acquiring the toolkit for operationalising strategy under uncertainty. How can companies manage strategic plans in a world with myriad opportunities and risks?

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Session 3

Developing high-quality climate action plans

We discussed what ‘good’ looks like for the different elements of a high-quality climate action roadmap. What are the levers for decarbonising products, operations, and supply chains? How can boards encourage ‘brown-to-green’ transformations? And how fast and deep is the change practicable in value-focused boardrooms?

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Session 4

Motivating leadership teams and organisations

We identified capabilities which organisations need to thrive in a rapidly changing environment. We stepped into the shoes of leadership teams – CEOs and Chairs – to discern their motivation for tangible climate action. How can they stay ahead of the desire for change among their staff? How should they cope with fast-moving technologies, policy shifts, capital reallocation and investor engagement and expectations?

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Session 5

Mapping the road ahead

Even with good quality plans, change is not certain. This unprecedented transformation of the global economy needs change from the grassroots and a joined-up approach across public and private sectors. Hear McKinsey Global Institute’s expectations for COP27 and how to make the most for what may be coming next for businesses.

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Event speakers

Susan Hooper

Director, Chapter Zero

Laurel Powers-Freeling

Director, Chapter Zero

Harry Bowcott

Senior Partner, McKinsey

Jayanti Kar

Partner, McKinsey

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