11 Jan 2022

Introducing Chapter Zero Fellows

We are excited to launch our new Chapter Zero Fellow programme, which will help us provide quality events and content to our members.

Our Fellows are all active members of Chapter Zero, who want to volunteer their time and experience to help us support UK non-executive directors (NEDs) to address climate in the boardroom and turn ambition into action.

We strive to ensure that all our events and content are tailored to our members and the needs of NEDs. Our Fellow programme is designed to help us keep their voices at the centre of our work.

Our Fellows will provide a range of support to help us deliver quality events and content, aimed primarily at NEDs. The exact contribution made by each individual will vary depending on their skills and expertise, and our upcoming plans for our members.

Our Fellow programme

Since Chapter Zero was formed we’ve appreciated the support from our members, many of whom have come forward offering to help others grapple with the climate challenge. There is a huge breadth of expertise in the Chapter Zero membership and it’s exciting to be able to tap into that. Ultimately, boards and companies will only be able to tackle the challenge effectively through collaboration and sharing climate governance successes. Our Fellow programme has been created with this in mind.

Calum Davies, Chapter Zero Member Manager

Our Fellows

View a current list of Chapter Zero Fellows


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